‘Stones’ ready to pair ‘Maguire’ behind the lions

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John Stones vows to pair up with Harry Maguire for England again after a long battle together Although the latter was heavily criticized,

Maguire was criticized and was even dropp from the Manchester United starting XI following the defeat to Brighton and Brentford during the season. early season

He has played just 280 minutes in the league ahead of the upcoming World Cup in the coming days.

Despite the criticism of Maguire, Stones says their past experience will help them get along very well. The two played together in both the 2018 World Cup semi-finals and Euro 2020 finals.  the UFABET report

We have it together,” Stones said.

“We played many games together, we formed a bond and became partners and We know how the other person plays and what works best for both of us. It fits perfectly ′

′ Whichever team or system Gareth chooses to use, if it’s me pairing with Harry, we use those ties again

′ The ties are too strong to be cut. Shake off with the opportunity to play on the field, the form of play, whatever. Those things go away at moments like this.”

Alongside Stones and Maguire, England have called up centre-backs Connor Cody, Eric Dier and Ben White to go to Qatar

. World Cup stadium with Iran on 21 November as the first match. They then face America and Wales on 25 and 29 November respectively.