Playing with 7 Hi-Lo formulas, but definitely more than losing

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Playing with techniques to bet on dice, 7 dice formulas, simple and easy, that anyone can use to bet on dice online anywhere. when applied will know that How to play Hi-Lo for money The origin of playing Sic Bo has to go back to the ancient Chinese era. In the beginning, it was not widespread in Asia and Europe, but nowadays, gamblers can enjoy playing Sic Bo both in general casinos. and online casinos easily All you need is a mobile phone and internet. Which is considered to be a game that is very popular with the public. สมัคร UFABET

7 Hi-Lo formulas that are easy to make but unexpectedly profitable

7 Hi-Lo formulas that will help you know that How to play Hi-Lo for money What to do then Let’s learn. Formulas for playing dice, both dice in casinos or general casinos and online dice formulas to get money, 7 formulas are as follows.

Formula 1. Easy to play Hi-Lo, just bet high-low

playing dice online How to play Hi-Lo for money The best technique that anyone can do in Sic Bo betting. Is a bet that the dice will produce a low score or a high score by predicting the total score of all three dice. The number of points from 3 – 10 is a low point, the point from 12 – 18 is a high point. This type of bet has a payout rate of 1:1 and the casino has the opportunity to have an advantage over the player when the score Exit with 11 points only. This Hi-Lo formula is the most basic technique of playing Hi-Lo. It has the most effective people.

Formula 2. Play Hi-Lo by betting on two numbers, many pairs

In that Hi-Lo bet Gamblers can bet on all 2 numbers on the board, but can bet on more than 2 other ways. With this bet, the winning odds are 6:1. pairs, no more than 5 pairs, if one pair is hit, it is a profit

Formula 3. Play Hi-Lo by looking at the odds in each format.

Hi-Lo Formula This technique lets you observe the payout table of Hi-Lo. It will be noticed that the odds of the sum of the numbers There are differences, for example betting on totals from 7 – 14 is 12:1, but when compared to other specified sums such as totals from 8 – 13 or from 10 – 11, they have different payouts. different The tips of betting on totals that help. How to play Hi-Lo to get money is points from 7 – 14 with a lower risk value than 8 – 13 or 10 – 11, so should think carefully before placing bets.

Formula 4. Avoid all triple bets.

Even with the All Triple bet, it has a good return. But it’s very difficult to happen. If able to predict the points on all 3 dice, the same points are correct, although this type of bet has a return of 180: 1, but it is very risky. Therefore, all skilled Sic Bo players will avoid making bets like this. Because betting like this can cost more money.

Formula 5. Must always think carefully before placing bets on every Hi-Lo formula.

Emotional bets should be avoided. The kind that uses only feelings but not thoughts. to study information in many aspects Take into account how to play to have an advantage over the dealer. Not disadvantageous to the dealer For example, if you bet on a total of 5 – 16, the odds of the bet are 6:216 according to the standard payout table. The bet pays 30:1, but the house edge of 13.9% has a high house edge. Betting like this is more like giving money to the casino.

Formula 6. Always be aware that there is no way to win every bet.

Must be aware that there is no Hi-Lo formula anywhere to play Hi-Lo to get 100% money, which includes all the methods mentioned above. All of which only reduces the risk of long-term play. In the end, the casino will still have a definite advantage. Sic Bo betting formulas cannot guarantee profits. But it gives the player the opportunity to lose more than only.

Hi-Lo formula 7. Have faith in your own luck.

Hi-Lo is a gambling game that has been born for a long time since ancient times, so it is not surprising that there must be belief in the adherence to tips, amulets as a helper in playing. Some people think they won’t play 4 points because it’s an unlucky number. Some people will assume that they are forbidden to lend money to anyone in the circle. Because it will interrupt the fortune which this belief is not wrong But I also want you to believe in your own luck. because when we believe that we will have luck Good results will happen to us.