‘Mario’ insists that Portugal is not distracted by the news that ‘Ronaldo’

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Joao Mario insists Portugal are not distracted by reports of Cristiano Ronaldo breaking up with Manchester United, and says they are used to being asked about Ronaldo every time they play for the national team.

On Sunday, the five-time Ballon d’Or winner gave a series of interviews attacking his agency. This all happened after Manchester United had just won a victory over Fulham and the day before traveling to collect with the national team for the World Cup battle.

“I don’t see any problems with the timing. (of releasing video interviews) So we have no problem. I don’t think it puts him or us under more pressure. We are used to dealing with a lot of pressure,” Mario told reporters.  the UFABET report

“It’s not the first time a player has traveled to the national team with problems with the club. One of the advantages is that we let everything wait while we’re here. When we come to the national team it’s working with another group and we try to focus on the most important things. The first is always about Ronaldo. 

Ronaldo should not play for the team again after his interview. In addition to attacking Manchester United, Ronaldo said he had no respect for Ten Hag because the Dutchman had never shown him respect.

‘Mario’ insists that Foi Thong is not distracted by the news that ‘Do’ is brokenTen Hag dropped the 37-year-old as punishment after refusing to come on as a substitute and walking off the field before the end of the game against Tottenham Hotspur in October

. Ronaldo is now with Portugal. To prepare for the World Cup and Mario added that the senior compatriots are fully focused on the national team.

“He is always happy when he comes to the national team. I saw him yesterday and he is fine as always when he travels to the national team. He is fully focused on the national team. He will help us a lot with the national team.”