Learn the history of online baccarat as a popular game.

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Where did the origin of Baccarat card game come from? Why is it so popular nowadays, especially? baccarat online it is said that before Go play various gambling games to be able to become a master. It is necessary to know the origin and origin of that gambling game, for example card games. baccarat online That is currently popular, how did it originate? Began to come to the online world. Let’s go follow and search. สมัคร UFABET

Almost all kinds of gambling games are said to have originated in China. Which has the oldest civilization in the world. It is assum that it came from playing Mahjong in China. In those days, Mahjong games used tiles as tiles to play and 9 was the highest point of Mahjong. It’s the same with playing baccarat cards. But there is still no assumption that indicates and can confirm that the game of Baccarat came from Mahjong in China.

Another assumption about the origin of baccarat comes from the ancient Roman Empire. When a number was assigned by rolling the dice in an ancient Roman ritual, If a young virgin rolls a dice with a score of 8-9, it means the Great Blood. If the number 6 or number 7 is rolled, it survives and is released. If the girl withdraws the dice with a score lower than that, she will be punished by walking into the sea and drowning herself. But still, there is no evidence to prove that the game of baccarat came from the origins of The ancient Romans, because in determining the score, were using dice, so they could not be connected.