Leao ‘s father insists on renewing Milan contract

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Rafael Leao ‘s father has confirmed he is arranging a new contract with AC Milan amid interest from other clubs including Chelsea, Barcelona and Real Madrid

. In 2024, the club tried to extend his contract.

The Rossoneri wanted to find a deal before the World Cup started, but failed. causing negotiations to continue until January

“We are working on it,” Antonio Leao told Portuguese newspaper UFABET

“Until the contract expires in 2024, we have to deal with everything, not necessarily Chelsea, Barcelona or Real Madrid. Leao

loves being in Italy. He adored Italians, something the Portuguese didn’t have for him. He is the best player in Serie A. Ah, last season Not because he’s handsome, but because he’s the best.”

In an interview with Record, the father of the 23-year-old, Antonio Leao, spoke about the future of his son and commented on links to Chelsea, Real Madrid or Barcelona.

Reports in the land of macaroni claim that Milan is afraid that if Leao’s good form will cause him to be asked for wages until he can’t pay. The 23-year-old also expects the club to help settle the €19m fine he owes former club Sporting Lisbon after unilaterally terminating his contract in 2018

. 20 appearances in all competitions this season This included the goal he netted against Fiorentina in his final game before the World Cup break.