How to play “Card Kang” to win Techniques for playing the Master’s Edition

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Playing Card Kang is another game that is rank among. The most popular in every casino website because it is a game that is fun to play and challenges the ability of players quite a bit . Planning and analyzing the game play is quite necessary. So today we have a good trick from card masters. สมัคร UFABET

3 cool tricks to play “Card Kang” to win like a master

1. Must know the rhythm of playing. 

To start the game , there will be no dealer. But the Card Kang will be dealt around in a circular manner until the end. In the first game. The person who receives the first card will start the game first. And then cycle through the sequence. The basic playing technique is to examine the cards received in your hand. That there is a total number of points. If 30 or more points is consider a high point. Do not rush to take in one round But if the hand score is 20 but not more than 30. It is consider that the small score can be take immediately if we are the first hand or not far from the first hand. 

The instant win has a chance of winning up to 70-80%, but if you are still not confident, you can wait and see the attitude of others in the circle first. But if the total points in the hand are not more than 20 points. They can be taken immediately because it is a very small point. High chance of winning Because there is a very small chance that almost none of your friends in the game will have a total of ten digits The chances of winning are more than 95%.

2. The best techniques for practicing observing

The total score of the cards in the opponent’s hand, playing the card, the technique for evaluating the opponent’s hand cards is very important in playing games because Able to predict time points in opponent’s hands to assess and roughly plan how to play in advance By this observation technique It helps to know the highest card in your opponent’s hand. For example, in the first round, each side will discard a large card. high score out Therefore, the card that comes out will always be the card that has the highest value. Allows us to roughly calculate the remaining cards in our hands to make decisions in running the game in order to choose to hold or continue the game in order to get a satisfactory low hand score before making a hold.

3. techniques for drawing cards and discarding cards in hand 

When drawing a card, consider choosing a card and discarding a card that has more points than the card drawn so that the total points gradually decrease in each round. This technique is combined with the technique of looking at the cards in the opponent’s hand combined to observe the behavior of other opponents. And then wait for the right moment before drawing the cards. Should give the least number of points in the hand. Because in drawing each round means the other side will also be able to reduce the total points of the cards in the hand as well. Therefore, if receiving a small number of points from the first round, then hurry to cut the opponent’s chances, thereby increasing the chances of winning in playing cards .