How to bet Hi-Lo and what equipment is there? Let’s learn.

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before reaching our hearts is How to play Hi-Lo for money We have learned how to bet Hi-Lo first. How to bet Hi-Lo will be a gamble to measure luck with 1 or more dealers. (In the event that the dealer is a capitalist. But has a hand to help shake) And 1 player or more in setting up a band to play dice. But if the Hi-Lo band is to be fun and colorful. There must be many players to make playing even more fun. It consists of the following playback equipment. สมัคร UFABET

  1. Dice is a square material. There are a number of dots telling the number of numbers 1-6, most of them use 3 balls.
  2. Plate or flat device to flatten the dice base to put in to shake.
  3. Most of the boards use materials such as rubber cloth or cloth, with various grid patterns. Each box has details inside, such as high, low, or the number of favorites 1-6, etc., for players to bet on the box of their choice.
  4. The lid is mostly used as a wooden woven lid. To look like a high spherical lid. or cup or whatever you can find depending on the standards of each place

Basically it’s like this. will be able to play Hi-Lo now From now on.

let’s look at the side of the rules for calculating points of the method. How to bet Hi-Lo , there are 4 main points as follows.

  1. Counting in a favorite score is guessing a single number, hoping to have at least 1 out of 3 dice bet numbers, or giving out a predicted number from 1 dice, depending on the rules of each source. 
  2. tally counting This method is usually played in the case of using 3 dice, guessing 2 numbers correctly from 3 dice.
  3. The high-low point counting is that this method will guess the total number of all 3 dice whether the total point will come out as high or low. with high-low measurements As follows, points from 3-10 points from the total of all three balls, regardless of whether How to exit, but if it’s between 3-10 points, it’s considered a low point. The same with the high score, that is, counting the sum of the 3 dice, if there are scores ranging from 12-18, it is considered a high score. If the player guesses correctly, he will win the bet.
  4. 11 Hi-Lo point counting is guessing and hoping for the total points of all 3 dice to come out 11 points, called 11 Hi-Lo.

And this is all of the rules and score counting of the game of playing Hi-Lo. Read the article What is Mobile Hi-Lo formula? How to play? It’s different from playing Hi-Lo ?