‘Haaland’ dreams of going to the World Cup

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Erling Haaland hopes his dreams come true to guide Norway to the World Cup finals and pay tribute to England. One of the favorites to win the 2022 World Cup in Qatar,

the 22-year-old striker spoke about the upcoming World Cup 2022 with Manchester City team-mates John Stones and Stefan O. Rtega

Haaland admits he wants to play in the World Cup But he will take the time between tournaments to rest and recharge physically and mentally to get back on track

. but in fact It’s impossible ′ the UFABET report

′ I will use this period to relax my body and mind to the fullest. then come back to practice What kind of rehearsal will you do? Nothing special ′

′ Yes, it’s about preparing for the second half of the season coming up. Be ready when the next game comes after the break.”

Sailing team players who didn’t go to the World Cup Haaland will travel to open a training camp in Abu Dhabi with the club’s young players on December 5, while Haaland will join after receiving permission from Pep Guardiola to rest his batteries. 3 weeks

“I look forward to playing for Norway in a dream and a reality. The greatest thing we can do is To go to the World Cup or Euro ′ ′ ′

′ That’s my goal with the national team that I want to do. We know it’s not easy. But hopefully someday in the future I’m going to play with them.”

When asked to pick his favorites to win this World Cup, Haaland chose England as one of his favorites, along with Brazil, Argentina and France

. I think it will be Brazil, Argentina and maybe England, I can’t say which team. Because there are a lot of good teams, yes, it’s these four.