‘Arteta’ believes that Camp Dubai answers all questions

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Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta Feels like a camping trip in Dubai. During the 2022 World Cup, responding to all his needs, the

“big guns” will need to lead the crowd ahead of the World Cup break in Qatar, where they will take the opportunity to go on a camping trip to the United Arab Emirates. t Ready to enter the field to meet Olympic Lyon and AC Milan in the Dubai Super Cup battle

as well. Because one of our main sponsors is Emirates. Plus we’ve been there. Know the facilities well and a good working environment.”

And when he required a mixture of warm-weather training and matches against tough opposition, there was only one location the boss wanted to jet off to – especially with the World Cup taking place nearby. 

“The weather was outstanding. And the World Cup is not far away, so if any player is around They will be able to return easily. I think it satisfies everything we need.”  the UFABET report

“We need to be prepared both physically and mentally to be ready for the huge demands of the second half of the season. We still have two great games against Lyon and Milan, which we’re really looking forward to ′

′ They are two big clubs. It’s a tough race. for us It’s a great test of where we are.”